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Fashion Week: Naeem Khan Overestimates the Simplicity of Women | Village Voice


Fashion Week: Naeem Khan Overestimates the Simplicity of Women


Last night I made my first visit backstage at a fashion show, and I learned a few things about models: it takes at around four people to dress one in about 10 seconds; as suspected, their feet do actually hurt in those shoes; and they can run. Standing near the runway exit backstage, I admittedly took delight in hearing them groan while tearing off their six-inch heels and bolting toward the team of ladies standing by to put them in into their next get-ups. The clothes were similarly as frenetic.

Naeem Khan’s collection was vast. Forty pieces that ran the gamut (from high points to low points) of Chrysler-building-style structure, some dazzling bugle-beaded gowns, two variations on Björk’s swan dress, a few prom-style numbers, and, randomly, a couple of flowy hippie dresses. He told me his line was inspired by “beautiful, powerful, amazing women, simple as that.” As evidenced by how all over the place the show was, beautiful, powerful, amazing women are never simple. But they do dress well, thanks to Khan. Even Michelle Obama thinks so.

Even if the collection as a whole was sort of all over the place, on an individual level, almost every dress (save the hippie ones) was gorgeous. A favorite piece was the one my cohort Araceli Cruz called her future wedding gown, an elegant off-white strapless dress with crushed rosettes and fabric swirls. I also loved the dark navy tulle gown with black and crystal deco beaded bodice.

Once the models made it safely backstage after the show, though, the truth was revealed. They were in jeans and Doc Martens faster than you could wave a carrot stick at them. We’re more alike than I ever thought.


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