Fat Pants Friday: A Buttermilk and Mission Fig Cone at Il Laboratorio del Gelato


Given the sudden onset of warm weather and the accompanying specter of people not wearing socks, we decided to celebrate by taking a trip to Il Laboratorio del Gelato.

We hadn’t been to the Lab since it moved to its greatly expanded new home on the corner of Ludlow and Houston streets, and were astounded by the variety of flavors the shop is now able to stock in its expansive display case. After several indecisive minutes, we finally chose a scoop of mission fig, an old favorite, and one of buttermilk, a flavor we hadn’t tried before.

It turned out to be an excellent combination. The sharp tang of the buttermilk made a refreshing rejoinder to the husky, lulling sweetness of the figs, and both boasted an impeccably smooth texture. And because the Lab, true to its name, is more European in its portions, the two scoops — which cost $3.50 — were the equivalent of one at most ice cream shops, and thus registered only a pair of Skinny Jeans on the FPF scale, making an ideal afternoon snack. As a bonus, the sugar cone is almost good enough to eat on its own, so even if the gelato doesn’t make its way all the way down to the tip, you will.

Il Laboratorio del Gelato
188 Ludlow Street


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