Gibberish Reporter Had Migraine, Not Stroke


Serene Branson, a correspondent for CBS station KCBS-TV in Los Angeles, has gained viral infamy in the days since the Grammys last weekend, when her on-air speech devolved into an incomprehensible pile of gibberish. To many it was hilarious — added to the canon of newscaster mishaps that fill the halls of YouTube — but some worried about Branson’s health. Did she have a stroke while speaking, in front of the whole world? But now doctors are telling Branson that they’re pretty sure it was just a migraine — a “migraine aura,” specifically — which can “mimic a stroke.” More on the diagnosis, plus the video in question, after the jump, just for posterity.

Via CBS News:

“When I spoke to Serene’s doctor yesterday, he told me she had the complete head-to-toe workup, everything was evaluated according to a stroke protocol to exclude a stroke. So, imaging of the brain, ultrasound of the heart and the blood vessels in the neck and the brain, extensive blood tests. Evaluated by a cardiologist, as well as migraine specialists and neurosurgeon. No stone was left unturned and luckily, (they’re) 95 percent sure it was not a stroke. More the classic migraine.”

If she’s okay, that means it’s cool to watch the video, right?

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