It’s a Drunk, Drunk World


Important news! Today is National Drink Wine Day. Consider it your obligation as an American citizen. Some of us did our part yesterday, but we’re sort of overachievers. In other news, the World Health Organization has released new info on who’s drinking, by country, and how much. Turns out America is not the drinking-est nation in the global community. This is a bit embarrassing. We must try harder lest we end up like the British Empire, only, the British Empire is pretty damn good at drinking. We must try harder, anyway, if we hope to compete with drinking-est countries Russia and Moldova.

If you’re a buzzkill like the World Health Organization, you’re probably thinking “America should actually drink less!” and maybe even “Action is needed to reduce health impact of harmful alcohol use!” And perhaps you’d be right. People can drink themselves to death. People should not do that.

Other notable stats:

Worldwide consumption in 2005 was equal to 6.13 litres of pure alcohol consumed per person aged 15 years or older, according to the report. Analysis from 2001-2005 showed countries in the WHO Americas, European, Eastern Mediterranean and Western Pacific regions had relatively stable consumption levels during that time; but marked increases were seen in Africa and South-East Asia during the five-year period.

Interestingly, though 6.13 litres of PURE ALCOHOL sounds like a lot, it’s even more than it seems, because it’s being consumed by a select few:

Almost half of all men and two-thirds of women did not consume alcohol in 2005, according to the latest information made available in the report.

The Week compiles some other interesting facts, like that American drinkers drink 3.8 gallons on average of booze a year, more than half of it beer, and that “non-drinkers” still manage to drink an average of 2.5 gallons of “pure alcohol” yearly (we knew we didn’t trust them). Also, some third of Americans choose not to drink. And 30 percent of global alcohol is moonshine! The rest of the facts get kinda blurry, but that’s when we know we need a refill.

The world’s ‘drunkest countries’: By the numbers [The Week]

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