Lesbian Comic Hates The Kids Are All Right! ‘It’s Bullshit!’


The big LGBT movie at the Oscars this year isn’t True Grit.

It’s not even Winter’s Bone, though that sounds mildly provocative.

It’s The Kids Are All Right, about lesbian partners who develop a rift when one of them sleeps with their old sperm donor.

And lesbian comic Judy Gold thinks it’s bullshit!

“It is typical male Hollywood to have the lesbian dying to fuck a guy,” she said at the Out Professionals Oscar-related panel I hosted at the LGBT Center on Wednesday.

“Because it can’t ever be 100 percent gay!

“She really wanted that cock,” added Gold, rolling her eyes.

Well, might this situation not ever come up in real life?

Would it ever happen with Judy’s girlfriend?

“No,” she deadpanned, “because she’s with me!”

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