Model Carolina Ramirez Gives Us Her Fashion Week Diary


Every Fashion Week we’re in awe of how much models are put through. They’re running around from show to show; they get their hair yanked, straightened, curled; they get touched on almost every part of their bodies by dressers, wear loads of makeup, and, probably the worst of all — aside from the minimal intake of carbs — have to wear insanely high heels for hours on end. Alright, no need for a violin cue. Sure, a model’s life isn’t for everyone, but when part of your job is to get gawked at while wearing amazing, expensive clothes, we’d say you’re pretty lucky people, right?

We asked model Carolina Ramirez if she could give us some insight into what it’s like for a working model during one of their busiest times of the year. Just as we expected, we’re still jealous.


Fashion Week has arrived yet again. This season I am working again for Maybelline as a brand model at the tents. This is my third season and I really do enjoy it. Basically that entails handing out free products to people attending fashion week and educating them on the new stuff Maybelline is featuring. It’s a good, steady, FUN, paying gig. My manager is super flexible with me since I usually do a lot of presentations throughout the week.

Today was also extra special for me because my good friend Christian Siriano invited me to attend his show. I met Christian way back when we were both fresh to New York City in 2007 and working at Bloomingdale’s Soho as make-up artists.

I am very proud of him and can honestly say that every show of his just gets better and better; he keeps blowing me away. Christian and his boyfriend, Brad Walsh, have hired me to do some photo shoots for their websites. It’s always fun to work with friends.

I got to attend the after-party for the show with my friend, Grant. It was so much fun and super chic. They held the event at a space in the Meatpacking District called Tzigan. Needless to say, we had a blast.


After such a long and crazy first day of Fashion Week I had a 7:30 a.m. call time for the Ann Yee Collection. Ann is an extremely talented designer, and friend of mine, who always asks me to do her presentations. The Fall 2011 collection was inspired by a poem written by John Keats called “When I Have Fears.” The hair consisted of super cool twisted and intertwined braids, and the make-up was very dark, right up my alley.

The presentation was two hours long and we stood on these cool little cubed platforms. I must say, I was proud of myself for making it through the two hours because my feet were killing me, and I was exhausted from the night before. Really cool people attended the presentation like Jay McCarroll (First season of Project Runway winner) and Tavi Gevinson (famous 13-year-old blogger!).

Directly after, I ran to an audition. Exhausted and looking crazy post fashion presentation, I waited more than an hour to be seen by the casting directors! It ended up being a really nice group; my favorite part of the audition was when they asked me to sing a song. Of course I whipped out my best Cher impersonation and sang, “If I Could Turn Back Time.” Let’s hope I get the gig!

I rushed home and got ready for yet another fun Fashion Week party. My friend Daniel invited me to the Diet Pepsi Style Studio Launch with Simon Doonan and Betsey Johnson. It was super fun and hip. They had cool art installations made of the new Diet Pepsi can with models posing on them, though I didn’t get to see anybody famous since we got there a little late. We ended up bouncing around the rest of the night. We stopped at the Soho Grand, then the Tribeca Grand, and then the Jane Hotel. Everyone everywhere looked absolutely fabulous and amazing!


Beyond exhausted already and it’s only day three. Can you believe it? My feet are so sore from wearing heels for hours and my energy is so run down from work, work, work, and partying. Of course, all of it is worth it! Today was really tame compared to the last two. Maybelline Top Model Kemp Muhl came by the Maybelline lounge today. She is beyond stunning, super talented, and such a total sweetheart. She was signing limited edition calendars for the first few fans that came to meet her.

The night ended on a high note because my friend Gene got me into the Charlotte Ronson show! It was definitely one of the coolest scenes I’ve seen at fashion week. Kim Kardashian was there and also Russell Simmons. Samantha Ronson was DJ’ing and opened the show with Adele’s new song, “Rolling in the Deep.” The show was beyond incredible! The clothes was super grungy and cool, just my style.


The day before Valentine’s Day was exceptionally relaxed and chill, which was very nice for me considering I was still tired from Thursday and Friday. Today at the Maybelline Lounge, Erin Wasson stopped by to do a signing. Erin Wasson is a superhero to me. She’s absolutely stunningly beautiful, cool, and talented. It was such an honor to meet her. She let me photograph her for Maybelline Twitter. I love being the unofficial photographer for the Maybelline Twitter.


Love is in the air! We gave away a LOT of red lipstick (“Red Revolution”) at the Maybelline counter. Lots of people were sporting red, which I thought was so cute; you could tell people at Lincoln Center were in such a good mood because it was Valentine’s Day. I found my favorite “Valentine’s Day Onesie” from one of the shows that we were playing live on our Maybelline Lounge TV screen. I’ve been noticing a lot of velvet on the runways this season. Reminds me of one of my favorite songs from the ’90s, “Black Velvet,” by Alannah Myles.


I got to work the late shift today at Maybelline, which was super great because I got to sleep in and relax a little. I feel like Fall Fashion Weeks are not as crazy as Spring Fashion Week, which I usually am running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Last fashion week, I was going from working the Maybelline job at Lincoln Center, then a show, then to a casting, back to another show, and then finally going home. I’ve spoken to some of my fellow model friends and they seem to be having a more relaxed fashion week too.

At Lincoln Center during Fashion Week you will see some of the most interesting characters in the world. This is a lot of people’s moment to shine. I love all the different ensembles I get to see here and people-watching is top-notch. Here are some pictures of my favorite fashion week people.


It’s incredible how the world of blogging has truly shaped the world of fashion. Today I got a visit from a very special friend, Keiko Lynn, at the Maybelline Lounge. You may be familiar with her super successful blog. Keiko was recently featured in a Coach campaign and is considered a huge influence in fashion today. A funny side note, Keiko and I are from the same small hometown in South Florida. It’s really amazing to see how far life’s journey has taken us. I don’t think either of us would’ve thought when were teenagers in Florida that we would be catching up at New York Fashion Week


Today was insanely busy for me. I had two auditions and then I had to run to Lincoln Center to work at the Maybelline Lounge. My auditions were for a shoe store and for a cosmetic brand. I’m slowly starting to branch out and do more commercial work. I’m really loving it. Last May, I was given the opportunity to film a pilot in Chile for a Latin music and culture TV show as the host. I think being a model and becoming comfortable in front of the camera has made it easier to be able to do television and film. It’s a new and refreshing challenge for me, and I’m hoping in the future to get more into television hosting.

And finally, the last night of fashion week. So many people were pretty happy for it to be over. Honestly, it’s not all 100 percent glitz and glam. A lot of people work so hard sitting in front of computers for hours editing photos or doing write-ups on the shows. Seeing a lot of the same people every day and every season can be really nice, though. You become friends and really get to know them and admire all of them for what they do.

Another fashion week has come and gone but it’s not over yet. Market Week starts this weekend with lots of trade shows that are happening around the city showcasing clothes for the next season. Buyers from all over the country and around the world come and choose what stores will be carrying next season.

Could you imagine all the most beautiful clothes and accessories from all your favorite designers right before your eyes?! What a dream! I usually work Market Week as a fit model. What I do is try on the clothes for buyers. It really helps the sales team from the show rooms to give the buyers an idea of how the clothes will fit on their customers. It’s pretty intense work. You’re standing for 8 or more hours a day, constantly taking off and putting on clothes. There’s always a rush to show so many things. It’s always non-stop.



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