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Pentagon Creates Bird Spy Cameras in Latest Sign of Robot Takeover


If you thought Watson (the Jeopardy computer) was going to rule our puny human asses alone, now Watson has his minions. The Pentagon has just developed a robotic hummingbird designed for spying called the Nano Hummingbird. The New York Post has the specifics on the spybots: “the Nano Hummingbird, at 19 grams, weighs less than an AA battery. But, given that hummingbirds are not that common in many urban settings, the next prototype likely will be modeled on a sparrow.” (Hm, how about a pigeon?)

We hate to break it to the Pentagon, but the flying spy camera isn’t even that original of an idea. Geniuses on YouTube have been showing off flying spy cams for years. Look at this one that can be controlled by an iPhone:

Still, the stealthiness of these new cameras does seem pretty awesome. We think the Pentagon should “put a bird on it” already and fire all of their spies:


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