Pets Are Selling New York City Apartments Now


Finally, the truth has emerged. A dog is a better real estate agent than your real estate agent is. Despite animal labor laws, animals are actually selling New York City apartments with their adorable fur and winning smiles, not to mention their invaluable connections to powerful people in high places. Their names are Sammy, Mookie, Elbow, Brandy, and Wraggles, and they are the new New York City real estate broker.

Having a pet show your apartment is counterintuitive, going against the traditional real estate advice of locking your six smelly cats away in the closet before you show your place, or at the very least, cleaning the hampster cage before attempting to entice others to buy your apartment. Yet it works! As the New York Times reports,

Sometimes the family pet is so winning, a broker will make sure the animal is in evidence during showings. This was the case with a one-bedroom condominium on the Upper East Side, being offered for $749,000, that went on the market this month. Karen Heller, the Halstead broker handling the sale, arranged for the owner’s 11-month-old miniature schnauzer, Mookie, to attend the first open house, held on Feb. 13. “She is friendly, well behaved, cute and a puppy,” Ms. Heller said. “I’m hoping she’ll be a wonderful sales associate.”

Or take the case of Wraggles, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel who knows exactly how to show a place, as if by instinct:

“Then Wraggles curled up on a Fortuny upholstered chaise in the living room, next to a window overlooking St. Regis Church,” said Cristina Cote, the Corcoran Group broker who handled the sale with her mother, Victoria Terri-Cote. Wraggles proved such a crowd pleaser that the brokers requested that he be present for all future showings.

He was sent to a doggie spa beforehand so he would look his best, and like clockwork, before the doorbell rang and visitors entered, he would take his place on the ivory and beige chenille chaise next to the window, framed by the treetops and the stone church tower.

The agent of the year award, however, goes to Elbow, an affenpinscher who works in Tudor City:

“She escorted every buyer around to see the apartment and waited patiently if they lingered in one room,” Ms. Iseman said. “Sometimes she asked to be lifted onto the sofa — she was too tiny to get up there by herself — to show buyers the view of the gardens out the casement windows.”

The only mention of payment to these hard workers is “a package of gourmet dog biscuits,” however, which seems to indicate that they definitely need a union.

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