The Week in Food Blogs: The Best Strange Chef Favorites, Fried Dumplings, Kati Rolls, Salty Snacks




This week in food blogs:

Eater rounded up 10 strange chef favorites that have now become mainstream hits. Tongue, anyone?

Grub Street discovered where Sports Illustrated swimsuit models like to pig out. And it turns out the Shack is popular among the bikinied ones.

Serious Eats searched out the best fried dumplings in Chinatown and declared Tasty Dumpling the winner.

Meanwhile, Midtown Lunch conducted a Kati Krawl and pronounced Biryani Cart’s kati roll the definitive winner.

Salon Food taste-tested Bugles, Funyuns, Munchos, and Smartfood.

Atlantic Food took a stand against B.R. Myers’s anti-foodie rant in the Atlantic print edition.

The Food Section got excited for the forthcoming new restaurant reviews in Saveur.

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