This Weather Is Awesome; Barack Obama Dines With Mark Zuckerberg; Paris Hilton’s Birthday Crashed


• Today is warm and exceedingly springlike, with a high of 63 degrees. Enjoy. It will drop back down to the 30s tonight, and be windy. [Weather]

• President Obama had dinner with Mark Zuckerberg last night (among other wealthy tech CEOs) to talk about the U.S. economy and jobs. Zuckerberg did not wear a hoodie. [Bloomberg, Business Insider]

• Despite our high-tech digital age, kids are still putting “kick me” signs on each other’s backs! A 9-year-old just got suspended from his humorless Upper East Side school for it. [NYP]

• The New York Times covers a Fucked in Park Slope story without linking to Fucked in Park Slope, so we’ll link to them here. The story is about the rumor that families are sending their nannies to cover their hours at the Food Co-op. Shocking! Horrible! Reasonable? But the best part of the Times story is this line: “The posting on the blog, which goes by a name that cannot be printed in this newspaper.” If anyone’s mouth will be washed out with soap, it will be ours, and we will enjoy it. [NYT, FIPS]

• Poor Paris Hilton. Her birthday party was crashed by a random L.A. musician who “accidentally” stole her cake. And then he wrote about it on Facebook. [HP]

Grand Central is getting an Apple Store! Grand Central is getting an Apple Store! It will replace Charlie Palmer’s Métrazur restaurant. Oh well. [NYP]

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