What Would Planets Look Like If They Orbited Earth as Close as the Moon? [VIDEO]


There’s a full moon tonight, which means ERs will be crowded, tides will be amplified and stark naked men will awake tomorrow in London’s Hyde Park, wondering why blood is dripping from their chins. When you look up at the sky tonight, try to imagine what it would look like if, say, Jupiter or Neptune were as close as our moon. Can’t picture it? How about a video?

Astrophysicist and Nova scienceNOW host Neil deGrasse Tyson linked to the above clip from his Twitter account.

Pretty scary, right? If Jupiter gets the ominous soundtrack’s crescendo, imagine what kind of insidious synth music Tyche would get?

And, just for the hell of it, Warren Zevon!

Scale [Vimeo]

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