Woman Needs a Million People to Join Her Facebook Group So Her Wretched Fiancé Will Marry Her


Imagine if you got engaged. Imagine if you waited a loooooong time, like maybe even 10 years, for your wedding. Imagine if, after those 10 years, your would-be lazy-ass husband tells you that the only way he’ll actually marry you is if you create a Facebook Group and get a million people to join it. Imagine if this is actually a viral marketing campaign for Mark Zuckerberg’s new Facebook Weddings application [Zucks — we said it first! Call us].

Alas, there is a woman in England for whom this is apparently a reality. And yet Kelly Coxhead, 32, seems quite chipper about her predicament, so maybe she’s in on the joke, or maybe she’s not in such a hurry to marry her guy, 38-year-old Paul Mapplethorpe, either. She writes,

we been together 10 years and i think its about time he got off his stubborn arse and married me… he just informed me that i need to get 1 million people to join… so come on join prove to him that i can do it….hahaha ♥ ♥

She’s currently at 34,638. So, do this lady a favor and join her group — her dream wedding date is 11/11/11, and she has to get to one million before then.

Or maybe do her a favor and don’t. Mapplethorpe told the Daily Mail “Even her dad hasn’t joined yet. He must be on my side.” Yeah, that’s it, Paul.

1 million Facebook friends buy this woman a jerk [NBC]

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