Michael Jackson’s Estate Continues to Make Tons of Money


Michael Jackson’s estate has made a cool $310 million since his death in 2009, largely thanks to the success of the This Is It movie. Not bad for someone who isn’t alive anymore. The money’s been going towards his family and various charities, as well as starting to pay off the $400 million in debt Jackson had accumulated by the time of his death.

The financial records became public recently due to the estate’s probate proceedings. They’re quite detailed, it seems! The most interesting expense is the $35,000 MJ’s estate spent on a “costume for memorial.”

Posthumous moneymakers include This Is It as well as “Michael,” the album of previously unreleased songs. As well as just, like, everything; this is Michael Jackson we’re talking about. If the estates of numerous other dead celebrities are any indication, this one will be making bank for a long time.

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