Reggie Watts Praises Paninis


Williamsburg musician, comedian, and philosopher Reggie Watts is very worried about sandwiches, and takes this opportunity to improvise some lyrics concerning his complaints at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music and Art Festival.

He seems disturbed that his significant other is making sandwiches with bread that’s way too thick and way too white. “What the fuck with that big-ass bread?” Reggie wonders.

It has no flavor, he points out, and the very voluminousness of the bread prevents him from enjoying the sandwich filling. And isn’t the sandwich filling what the sandwich is all about? “The bread is just a mechanism to hold it all together,” he reasons.

Watts then observes that that is the reason people like paninis, because there isn’t so much bread to get in the way of the filling, and it fits more comfortably in your mouth. We couldn’t agree more.

Thanks to @morgbot99 (Morgan Sobel) for the URL.

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