Somali Pirates Hijack American Couple’s Yacht; Man Saved After Staten Island Ferry Jump; Bronx Rapist Busted (Weekend Links)


  • Jean and Scott Adam, an American couple, were taken captive by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean yesterday. The pair were sailing from Mumbai to Oman when they were captured, and “sources onshore in Somalia indicated that a well-known piracy gang from northern Somalia had captured them and was taking them back to one of their many lairs.” [NYT]
  • A Pennsylvania man jumped off the Staten Island ferry last night and was taken to Bellevue to be treated for hypothermia. But it was so warm yesterday! [Gothamist]
  • A Bronx man who allegedly committed two rapes 10 years apart has been apprehended. [NYP]
  • In Bahrain, thousands of protesters retook a major square in the middle of Manama, the nation’s capital. To be honest I haven’t really been following this story closely but, yay Bahrain! [CNN]
  • The House of Representatives has passed a bill to cut spending by $61.5 billion from current levels. [Reuters]

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