‘The Running of the Brides’ Is a Real Thing


Over 200 women flooded the Filene’s Basement on the Upper West Side yesterday for an event, which is apparently annual, called “The Running of the Brides.” It’s basically just a wedding dress sale, but more awful. The Daily News found a crazy person/bride-to-be named Nikki Saucier and followed her as she fought tooth and nail to get the right dress for cheap.

So: “The Running of the Brides” involves Filene’s Basement putting all the wedding dresses drastically on sale and then all the brides run. Really fast, to get the dresses. This Nikki Saucier character ran all the way from D.C. except really she took a bus. With a team of people to help, all wearing matching t-shirts because that’s what crazy people who are on a “team” do. They arrived first.

Some highlights from Nikki’s morning:

8:09 a.m.: Another battling bride-to-be grabs a Nikki reject – but she’s not quite out of the gown. Nikki briefly loses her pants in the nuptial nastiness.

8:24 a.m.: The number of dresses tried on hits 40. “Just grab anything that’s white at this point,” says Nikki.

9:11 a.m.: Nikki’s mom rolls her eyes as Dress No. 61 is discarded.

And after all this, the dress she chose wasn’t even The One. “After a 19-hour ordeal of waiting and shopping, Nikki departed with a dress that wasn’t quite perfection – but was close enough.”

Isn’t it fun to endlessly make such a huge deal out of weddings in our society so that people all have boring standard “wedding-industrial complex” weddings and do things like take an overnight bus to another city to try on 63 wedding dresses? I can’t wait to get married someday.


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