Brooklyn Building Suffers Heavy Fire Damage; More Than 180 Dead In Libya Protests (Sunday Links)


    • A six-story residential building in Flatbush was partially destroyed by a fire last night. Over 70 people now have to seek housing elsewhere, and two dozen were injured (minor injuries mostly). It took firefighters more than four hours to control the blaze because of last night’s crazy winds. [City Room/NYT]
    • Libyans continue to protest president Moammar Qaddafi in the city of Benghazi today. The reported death toll in the clashes between protestors and security forces has exceeded 180. Protests have also been reported in other Libyan cities. [CNN, Al Jazeera]
  • Protests over proposed legislation to cut union benefits and bargaining rights continue for a sixth day in Wisconsin. Seventy thousand people surrounded the capitol, joined by Tea Partiers protesting the protestors. [ABC]
  • This West Village couple pays $25,000 in rent every month. Perks include a totally un-ostentatious 20-foot wet bar. [NYP]
  • “Somewhat unfestively, my dog dropped dead on Christmas Day.” Related: how to avoid puppy scams out of Cameroon. [Telegraph]
  • The Williamsburg man who is alleged to have kept a woman captive in his apartment as a sex slave for nine days has been charged with 16 counts of rape. His lawyer is arguing that he and the victim were partners in a mutual S&M type relationship. [Brooklyn Paper]


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