Snow, Snow, Snow, Etc.; Beloved Twitter Apps Return; Man Finds Wallet After 40 Years


Happy Presidents Day! In case you haven’t noticed yet, it snowed. Central Park was reporting 2.5 inches as of this morning. There’s a chance of more snow over the afternoon, and again tonight. [Weather, NY1]

Protests in Libya against Muammar Qaddafi’s totalitarian rule are spreading, even as violence has lead to the deaths of some 200. Police stations have been reported burned, and state TV headquarters ransacked. [CSM]

UberTwitter (now called UberSocial) for Blackberry and Twidroyd for Android “have complied with Twitter’s requests to remedy the offending violations” and have been, apparently, reinstated, to the joy of numerous users. The iPhone apps have not been sent to Twitter for review. [TechCrunch]

• Hm, that BP oil from the spill didn’t just “disappear” after all. [Animal NY]

• A former New York Times art director has recovered his wallet, lost 40 years ago when he left his jacket, wallet in the pocket, in a closet at work. Someone took it. But last fall a security guard found the wallet, without the cash — but with photos — and it was returned to its owner, proving that old wallets come to those who wait, or some such. [NYP]

• Our incorrigible youth are using Twitter and Facebook, not so much blogs, these days! Good. More blogs for us. [NYT]

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