Will You Use the Facebook Stalker App?


There’s a new Facebook application called Facebook Breakup Notifier, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Pick some friends whose relationship status you’d like to be kept aware of at all times, and the Breakup Notifier will brief you via email if there’s any changes. Will you use it? And how creepy will you feel using it?

Here’s the thing: if there’s someone whose relationship status is so relevant to your interests that you would actually download an application to stay on top of it, you probably don’t even need that application. You probably check their profile multiple times daily already. Adding that application could push you over the edge into stalker-land.

Also, let’s say you get that email: “Dan and Stacy have broken up.” What do you do then? Immediately contact Dan or Stacy and say, “I see that your relationship status changed on Facebook!!!!!!”

Or do you play it cool? “Hey, how’s it going? Haven’t talked to you in a while. Me contacting you right now has nothing to do with the recent change in your relationship status. Nothing at all.”

I for one will not download this application. Not even for a little bit. Not even this afternoon just for a while, just to see if it works and because sometimes you just want to know what your exes are doing out of curiosity and it’s no big deal. Nope.

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