Brooklyn Man Lunges at Today Show Hosts; Hoda Kotb Safe


A man hurdled a set of barricades during a live broadcast of this morning’s Today Show, the Post reports. Meredith Vieira, Al Roker, and Willie Geist were discussing upcoming guest Mackenzie Phillips when a 33-year-old Brooklyn man screamed, “I’m God’s gift to music” while trying to storm the set. His name hasn’t been released, but we have to assume that it’s Kanye West, right?

Cameras cut away during the intrusion, but the commotion can be heard on video.

The hosts discussed the event later in the show.

The man was apprehended by security and has since been arrested. If you have any more information, please storm the set of Good Morning America and yell it into the camera.

Man lunges toward ‘Today Show’ hosts at Rockefeller Center during live broadcast [NYP]

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