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Doughnut Dilemma for David Barton Gym Queens!


Right across the street from David Barton‘s 23rd Street gym is the brand-new Doughnut Plant — a buzzy place that joins their Grand Street location in making New York sugar frosted and waistline expanding.

The decor is way sleeker than your typical dunkin’ dive, and there are dangerously different doughnut flavors like salted peanut, chocolate chip, and oatmeal.

But what about the poor queens who head to the Barton gym every day to stay tight in the front (while loose in the back)?

Will they be diabolically drawn across the street where they’ll hideously succumb to the urge for some doughnies after their fruitless workout? And will that force them right back to the gym to work it off?

Someone answer me. I’m losing sleep over this!

Update: I popped in on Saturday night and for some reason they only had four or five varieties of doughnuts left.

Still, I managed to find one I liked (a ginger doughnut, for $2.50) and it was special enough to make me want to head to Barton afterward. I said want to.

Doughnut Plant Now Open at Hotel Chelsea [Gothamist]

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