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Brooklyn bubblegum-sludge bashers Hunters are the bastard children of Lollapalooza 1996, a perfect blend of Boss Hog cheer and Melvins churn. Led by co-frontscrungers Isabel Ibsen and Derek Watson, the band is a decidedly Brooklynite version of bands like Jucifer or Lullabye Arkestra, with melodies that lean towards the kiwi and twee, chilly attitudes over broiling guitars, and noise breakdowns that sound like trash being hauled. Their four-track digital EP, simply called Hunters, is available now at a handy name-your-price on their BandCamp site; opening track “Deadbeat” is also available as a stand-alone single on a just-released split 7-inch with Montreal’s Dead Wife via Brooklyn label Swill Children. The track (produced by James Iha!) is a two-and-half-minute workout of caveman drumming, a gloriously plodding two-note riff, and the joyous muck-riot of vintage Babes in Toyland.

Hunters on “Deadbeat”

What is “Deadbeat” about?
Isabel Ibsin, singer/guitarist: It’s about us, and anxiety.

Derek Watson, singer/guitarist: The stress of getting out of a situation you don’t want to be in, and the excitement of looking forward.

What do you remember about the recording session for this particular song?
Watson: We made sure our drummer Odell had his top popped the entire time.

Ibsin: It really made a huge difference.

How did you come up with this triangle-y cover art?
Watson: I had been going to a sensory deprivation tank, and I kept seeing this pattern over and over.

Ibsin: I like it because it looks like the energy of a volcano vibrating.

Watson: Yeah, that volcano thing kept coming up in different parts of our life, so that makes sense.

Did you guys really do a Halloween show as the Melvins?
Watson: Our friend Jesse Hlebo asked us to do it, and it was super last minute. Odell was out of town, so it was just John, Isabel, and I. We only had one practice before the show, and I was playing drums, so it was pretty nerve-wracking. I’m obviously nowhere near Dale Crover . . . that guy’s a ripper.

Ibsin: I was super excited to sing “Hag Me.”

Watson: Yeah, that was rad. And we played “Hung Bunny” and “Roman Bird Dog” for like 25 minutes.

What’s the most memorable show you’ve played in New York City?
Watson: On New Years Eve, we played in the basement of a gallery. We played at midnight, so everyone there was pretty, uh, loose. At some point I got hit in the face with a champagne bottle and didn’t even know until Isabel said something.

Ibsin: Yeah, I looked over and saw you bleeding after one of the songs.

Watson: You started laughing and said I was fucked. When I could see the top of my cheek puffing out, I knew you were right. That was actually really fun.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?
Ibsin: El Moderno. I make you go there all the time.

Watson: Foodswings. Those vegetarian buffalo-style wings are soooo good.

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