LCD Soundsystem Tickets For Their Terminal 5 Run Are On Sale At 9 A.M.


Our long national LCD Soundsystem ticket-scarcity nightmare is almost over: Their four Terminal 5 shows, running March 28-31, are on sale this morning at 9 a.m., priced at a reasonable $40 a pop and with all sorts of scalper-frustrating measures built in, from a two-ticket-per-person limit to a ID-at-will-call-only structure that will largely cut Stubhub out of the picture, even if it’ll also make the lines outside T5 fearsome indeed. Get there early, the band advises, and that’s good advice. Liquid Liquid are opening the first two nights (plus MSG), with Shit Robot taking the last two. The band’s full spiel on the subject is below; let’s all move on now to what really matters: namely, what exactly constitutes “fancy stuff.”

basic bullet points to know:

-monday and tuesday, march 28 & 29 will feature liquid liquid.

-wednesday and thursday, march 30 & 31, will feature shit robot live.

-tickets for all four terminal 5 shows (march 28/29/30/31) will go onsale via ticketmaster at 9.00am on tuesday 22nd.

-there is a two ticket per person limit.

-the cost of a ticket is $40.00. ticketmaster charges will be $6.90 plus $2.05 per order handling fee. (that’s the best we could get, apparently)

-(as an attempt to avoid the “secondary market”) there will be no hard tickets. the only way to get in to terminal 5 on the nights of the shows will be to show i.d. at will call and then immediately enter the venue.

-we’re told that ticketmaster will also sweep the online purchases daily and delete any duplications from potential scalper bots. (please come to the venue early on show nights – the line for entry may be long). if the tickets for the shows don’t sell out very quickly, we’ll stop the duplicate ticket thing and allow people to buy tickets for multiple nights. (just want to make sure all who want to go get a ticket before “multiples”, if that makes any sense).

-oh… and we can’t do a walk-up ticket buy at the mercury lounge box office this time (w/o ticketmaster fees) because those are only the hard tickets, which can be sold afterwards. (yes, i asked about putting names on the hard tickets.)

-more important: we’re as bored of this ticket stuff as you are, so let’s just have fun a few last times, and then get some food! 2 more liquid liquid shows! the new york debut of mr. shit robot live, maybe featuring some guests! loudness and lights! fancy stuff!

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