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Man Killed During Black Swan for Complaining About Loud Eater | Village Voice


Man Killed During Black Swan for Complaining About Loud Eater


In Black Swan, a six-time nominee at this weekend’s Academy Awards, Natalie Portman has a ecstasy-induced sex scene with Mila Kunis. Watching this scene obviously needs the most concentration that one can give to a movie. So it is expected that if someone was munching popcorn too loudly during the film, then a devoted audience member would complain about it. Unfortunately, said muncher might take extreme offense to this and go totally black swan on your ass. That’s what happened over the weekend at a movie theater in Latvia.

The killer used a legally registered weapon and waited to kill the man until after the film was over. The New York Daily News said that the shooter was “identified as ‘a graduate of the police academy who holds a doctorate in law from the University of Latvia.'”

Darren Aronofsky films are intense, but nothing worth getting shot over. It’s probably best to just hold your minor complaint inside rather than lecture someone about the rudeness of eating too loudly. Plus Black Swan is totally more of a visual movie anyway. The scene of Natalie Portman fixing her hangnails might be even better with the added crunch of popcorn.

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