Michael Lucas Doesn’t Bottom: Here’s Why


Porn star/director Michael Lucas just assured me over dinner that he’s never bottomed, either onscreen or off.

Is it because such allegedly submissive behavior would somehow diminish his stature as a porn actor?

“No, he said. “That would enhance it, if I was versatile.”

The reality is he just doesn’t like it.

Or doesn’t think he’d like it.

“I know that I fuck very well,” Lucas said over ravioli and roasted quail, “but it’s not because I was fucked!

“My boyfriend never asked me to do that, and when I was jerking off, I never even thought about being fucked.”

He’s not even that crazy about being an oral bottom!

“In my Falcon days,” he remembered, “they made me do it and it was OK. But I thought, ‘These guys really know how to suck a dick!’ I was awful.”

Me too!

Hey, maybe I can be a big porn star/director!