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Mobster ‘Vinny Gorgeous’ Will Be Well-Dressed at Trial, Judge Orders


Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano, the former Bonanno crime-family boss who’s facing new charges of murdering a mob associate while currently serving a life sentence on another conviction, will not be just some schlub at trial. The New York Post reports that his “perfectly coiffed hair” will be paired with a garment choice from among five coordinated business outfits made available on each day of his upcoming capital-murder trial, as ordered by a federal judge.

Which means, thank goodness, mobsters looking like we expect mobsters to look instead of like overgrown teens in hoodies and sweats.

“The court now orders that the [federal Manhattan detention center] accept up to five sets of clothing, including but not limited to undershirts, socks, shoes, dress shirts, suit pants and suit jackets, be made available to Basciano prior to each court date in this case,” Judge Nicholas Garaufis wrote.

This is a particular matter of concern for Basciano, apparently, because at his 2007 murder and racketeering trial he ran out of clean shirts and had to borrow a shirt and tie from the judge, which certainly must have been awkward, if slightly less awkward than getting busted in the first place.

Feds to provide ‘Gorgeous’ his choice of suits [NYP]

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