My Gossip Secrets Revealed in The Wall Street Journal


To promote my scribblings at the Voice, I penned an editorial for The Wall Street Journal describing the essence of good gossip writing and how it’s achieved by me on a daily basis, applause applause.

Among my secret tricks:

*Use jazzy adjectives like “kvetch extraordinaire” and “pert little pixie,” but only if they match the celebrity they’re used with.

*Conduct a sort of “literary striptease” with the reader. Never spill all your beans at once or your dish won’t be as delicious.

*Try for some wit and wordplay. Make it sparkle.

*And dig below the surface for an unconventional yet sensible take on gossip issues.

But mainly you have to make it clear that this stuff is completely meaningless yet at the same time it’s madly important!

Oh, and wear nice hats!

How to Serve Dish [WSJ]

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