Sober February Is the Coldest Month


Hey, so, it’s fine if you want to go for a while without drinking. That sort of thing is good for nearly everyone now and again, and we commend you, we really do. But we have to draw the line at you going to the bar anyway, taking up valuable real estate, and demanding the bartender’s attention with your order of “water, neat.” The New York Post covers this experiment in being annoying, perpetrated by two guys, Dan Clark, 31, and Greg Rutter, 28, who decided they’d go without booze for all of February.

Then they decided they’d rub it in our faces by calling it “Sober February,” and formalizing it as a “movement” online. The rules involve going out sober among the drinking five nights a week for the month of February. It has not made them popular.

While the undertaking might be virtuous, Clark admits, “I’m a bit of a leper among my friends.”

“They hate it. It makes them very self-conscious of their own drinking. It’s a total buzz kill, even though we don’t intend it that way. I think a lot of people just think it’s stupid.”

Other people who’ve gone sober for the month tout the benefits of suddenly having a ton of money, not waking up hungover, not getting into trouble or obsessing over the opposite sex or waking up next to a bag of Doritos, and being able to go to the gym and be disgustingly productive all by the early hours of the morning.

Good for you. But do you have to tell us about it? And do you have to tell us about it at the bar? Is nothing holy?

In celebration of completion of the month, Clark and Rutter will get wasted with all their friends, assuming they have any friends left, and wake up to a God-awful hangover that makes them forget all about their month spent sober.

FYI: Today is National Margarita Day.

Cheers no booze! [NYP]

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