Staten Islanders Finally Getting the Chance to Hail a Cab


Staten Islanders have access to the best mode of transportation ever invented by mankind — the Staten Island Ferry. Getting off of the island is easy, but getting around the island is more difficult because Islanders don’t have a good rail service yet. Most Staten Islanders stick to cars, but for those unfortunate souls without wheels there must be a great taxi system, right? Well no, but there is a really horribly managed livery cab system that leaves from the ferry, only accepts cash and is never dependable. There’s hope though! Mayor Bloomberg is now polling Staten Island residents to find out how they use cabs after announcing that the outer boroughs will be gifted with hailing cab services.

The Staten Island Advance gives details on the new service:

The imagined cars will be instantly recognizable and uniform in color (although will not be the iconic New York City yellow). The cars will also be equipped with roof lights, meters and GPS systems and drivers will be able to accept credit cards.

Last month the Voice‘s own Camille Dodero ventured to Staten Island and found the cab service to be very annoying:

@mylestanzer Shaolin needs work on its cab game. Waited 45 minutes for 15 minute rideless than a minute ago via TweetDeck 

If the city ever wants people to do more than take the ferry before heading back home to Manhattan, they should fix this. There are some really great places to check out on Staten Island (like Moses Mountain!) but they’re unreachable for your average tourist or New Yorker. It’s time the unexplored terrain of Staten Island is given a fair look.

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