Stream Titus Andronicus Siren Amy Klein’s I Know What You Want, And See Her Tonight At Glasslands


During a recent Mercury Lounge invasion by majestic New Jersey angst-punk deities Titus Andronicus, we grew to greatly appreciate the presence of guitarist/violinist/backup vocalist Amy Klein, a bouncing, gleeful antidote to all that hyper-masculine self-recrimination. That someone in this band has an actually quite lovely soprano is a real asset, one you can now hear unencumbered by all those blaring Springsteenian guitar squalls on her new solo record, I Know What You Want.

It’s out next week, but you can stream the whole thing via Bandcamp right now — it’s an alarmingly quiet, pretty, ethereal, folk-y thing, a million miles removed from Titus’ calamity, and better for it. She’s playing Glasslands tonight with Air Waves, Soft Landing, and Inoculist; she’ll probably do way less bouncing around onstage, but that would’ve probably fucked up her vibrato anyway.

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