Surprise: Restaurant Workers Show up to Work Sick


Remember that recent report that found that 80 percent of restaurant workers don’t get paid sick days? What that means for you, dear diner, is that one out of eight of those workers is throwing up and having diarrhea at the restaurant.

In what is probably the best and most visceral case for giving workers paid sick leave, a new study in The Journal of Food Protection finds that 12 percent of workers — 5 percent more than in previous studies — have reported to work at least twice in the past year while dealing with diarrhea or vomiting, CNN reports.

The study, which surveyed workers in nine states, found that the sick workers showed up regardless of what kind of food the restaurant served, whether it was fast-food or sit-down, or independent or part of a chain. Sick workers, of course, can pass their cooties on to restaurant patrons by handling utensils or food with unwashed hands, which is both another great reason to give restaurant employees paid sick leave and also just gross.


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