The MTA Can Text…Sort of


If you’re a Metro-North commuter, the MTA will now text you train schedules and other important information as to the status of your ride. Well, not the MTA, exactly: A technology company named CooCoo is providing the service updates, which are already available for Long Island Rail Road customers. Text your station-to-station request (Rye to Grand Central, for example) to “266266” (which spells CooCoo) and get your response.

As MTA CEO Jay Walder said, “This ability to be able to use information in the way, to put the tool in people’s hands and to be able to connect to the cell phones that we’re all carrying in our pocket, is very much a strategy for subways, buses, and our commuter railroads.”

Regarding those subways, you still can’t really text on them. But…

Metro-North is also working with NYC Subways to get information about the Number 4, 5, 6, 7 trains and the Times Square Shuttle posted on the big message board at Grand Central Terminal. So when railroad customers arrive in the morning, they will know right away if there is a problem with their subway line.

As for the rest of us…progress takes time!

MTA Unveils Text Alerts For Metro-North Trains [NY1]

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