Wallet-Friendly Cocktails; Best Beer Cities


Vandaag in the East Village and Huckleberry Bar in Williamsburg are among cocktail bars serving $10 drinks, as opposed to the now ubiquitous $12-to-$14 drink.
[NY Post]

New York makes a list of seven best beer cities in the country, alongside Chicago, Denver, Philly, Portland, St. Louis, and San Diego.

What’s the perfect gin and tonic? Well, there is no ideal recipe. But you might want to try a Spanish version of the drink, eschewing lime for star anise, cilantro, or nutmeg.
[Washington Post]

There’s also more than one way to do a michelada, that refreshing beer-and-tomato-juice concoction. Try versions from Mercadito, Mayahuel, and Hecho en Dumbo.

A German brewery is promoting its alcohol-free beer as a sports drink. But will it catch on in the U.S., where alcohol-free beer is a bust?

Sherry and tequila are a match made in heaven and you can find them on cocktail lists — in the same glass, mind you — more and more these days.
[SF Chronicle]


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