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American Pets Are Almost as Fat as American People


According to an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, fat America is facing a fat pet problem. Dogs with the unfortunate names (because they’re fat) of Hershey, Buffy, and Fridge are pigging out on steak and ice cream and beef and cheese snacks, and this is impacting their doggy waistlines and ability to wear skinny jeans with confidence. New data indicates “the problem is reaching epidemic proportions”! In fact, more half of American cats and dogs are overweight or obese.

This is primarily the fault of pet owners and not the beasts themselves, who would surely be cooking up egg-white omelets with Pam if they had their druthers, and jogging on the high school track regularly. Reports the Journal,

The main culprit: owners who routinely overfeed pets, don’t exercise them enough and are unaware of the severe, and costly, health problems caused by excess weight. Common woes include diabetes, arthritis, kidney failure, high blood pressure and cancer. Research also suggests that pets fed less over their lifetime can live significantly longer.

America is targeting this problem head-on, with dog treadmills, humiliating body-fat percentage tests for adorable animals in trouble, and “Weight Watchers-type pet diet plans.”

Will your pudgy pet like it? Probably not. But a “fluffy, domestic short-haired cat weighing 15 pounds is comparable to a 254-pound man who is five-foot-nine,” and that is terrifying. If you live with that man-cat, or cat-man, call Jenny now.

When Man’s Best Friend Is Obese [WSJ]

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