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Denny’s Fight Club: First Rule Is Post It on YouTube (Updated)


File this video under Crazy Americans. Late night, in a Denny’s in Chicopee, Massachusetts, on Sunday, February 20, two men, and three women duke it out during an extremely profane and vicious argument that supposedly started over maple syrup, at least according to whoever posted it on YouTube.

Well, we made the extra call, and learned from the Chicopee Police that in fact, the cause of the nasty brawl was a previous “road rage” incident. That makes more sense. We guess the parties involved then then found themselves sitting next to each other in the Denny’s. Perhaps the maitre’d was to blame?

Sgt. Jeffrey Nadeau, of the Chicopee Police, says police officers responded to the restaurant, and took an incident report. All the parties were identified, and were offered the option of filing complaints.

The Smoking Gun website obtained the police report, which says the fracas began as the two groups of people left a local bar in their vehicles. The two cars arrived at the Denny’s at the same time. Words were exchanged in the parking lot, and inside the restaurant and then the fisticuffs started.

A statement from Denny’s says, “Unacceptable behavior of this type will not be tolerated…” The statement noted, as the video shows, that a Denny’s employee helped diffuse the fight.

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