Eat Some Funky Funk Before the Stinky Cheese Festival Ends


The Stinky Cheese Festival is ending this Friday, which means there are only two days left to indulge in funky-smelling dairy products. Created by Tour de France, the company that owns Francophilic restaurants like Café d’Alsace, French Roast, Le Monde, Maison, Nice Matin, Pigalle, L’Express, and Marseille, the festival celebrates the funktastic with special menus at each of the participating restaurants.

Full menus are available on the Tour de France website, but they include dishes like a Tourte à l’Époisse at Le Monde, Chicken Cordon Bleu at Maison, Raclette at Pigalle, and Goat Cheese Crème Brûlée at L’Express. Still can’t get with the stench? The restaurant group also puts on a similar festival celebrating the less odiferous tomato, come summertime.

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