Flushing Mall to Close; a Mean Picture of Elaine


A decision to transform Flushing Mall into an interim parking lot means the food court downstairs, which sells everything from Taiwanese shaved ice to Chinese hand-pulled noodles, will be demolished.
[Wall Street Journal]

Dairy goats are illegal in New York, but in cities like San Francisco and Portland, owning goats for milk and cheese is the next big thing in the urban-farming movement.
[Wall Street Journal]

Should you trust your waiter? Let’s just say that the truffle pizza he or she is raving over might be what the owners are pushing. The waiter might not even have tasted it.
[NY Post]

British GQ has published a particularly cruel and ugly picture of Elaine Kaufman, owner of Elaine’s, calling her a “loud, stupid, uncomprehending woman … grotesque.”
[NY Post]

The Brooklyn cookbook author who wrote I Love Corn is suing her ex-agent for blatantly stealing her idea with the book I Love Bacon.
[NY Post]

Domino’s Pizza is shifting its marketing focus from its reformulated pizza to highlight its chicken wings and boneless chicken.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

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