Huge, Glaring Omission in Alan Arkin’s Memoir!


There’s something screamingly missing from Alan Arkin‘s new memoir, An Improvised Life.

And that would be any mention of Little Miss Sunshine!

You know, the 2006 comedy classic about the absurdity of kiddie beauty pageants, in which Arkin played gramps and for which he won the freakin’ Academy Award!

Wait, I just found one mild reference to it on page 130:

“I recently did a film with eight-year-old Abigail Breslin, who was more of a pro than most of the adults I’ve worked with.”

And that’s it! “I did a film”!! With no name!!

Is an Oscar nominee for Best Picture that meaningless to his canon?

True, the book deals mainly with theatrical acting and improv and how Arkin’s worked at those forms as both student and teacher, but come on, it’s billed as a memoir and some films are discussed in it.

Still, it’s a great read — probing, educational, and wise.

Just wait for Abigail’s memoir, I guess.

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