Jersey Shore Star Submits Semi-Nude Photo!


Snooki‘s ex-boyfriend, Jeff Miranda, is always semi-nude anyway as he prances down the boardwalk reeking of eau de Guido.

But now he’s more semi-nude.

Jeff just submitted a shower photo to Playgirl — yes, them again — showing what he’s sort of almost made of, and I guess it’s his Miranda right.

The guy, you’ll recall, is an Iraq vet whose audition tape for the show surfaced — meaning he obviously had to try out for the part of Snooki’s boyfriend.

Not everyone would want that job, since she later started calling him a stalker, but, hey, it’s good exposure, right?

Anyway, now this photo has surfaced — thanks to my incredible sources — so see if that’s good exposure.

Is he, yo, man enough?