Jimmy McMillan Is a Republican Now; Rent Is Still Too Damn High


Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, and his facial hair, will be joining forces with the GOP. PBS caught up with McMillan on St. Mark’s and discussed his move. He was a hit at CPAC recently, and said he registered to be a Republican because “the Democratic Party sucked.” Who said two-party politics isn’t fun?

McMillan didn’t merely join the Republican Party; he envisions representing them against Obama in 2012’s presidential election:

At the very least, McMillan might bring a little showmanship to national politics. He described his chances of winning the Republican nomination for president with a bravado rarely seen among contenders for elected office (at least publicly, anyway). “We may get nominated by the Republican Party,” McMillan said. “We’re the strongest person right now in the race.”

Let’s look at the possible contenders and see how Jimmy McMillan stacks up:

Mitt Romney:

  • Former Governor of Massachusetts.
  • Mormon.
  • Believes rent is high, but not “too damn” high.

Mike Huckabee:

  • Former Governor of Arkansas.
  • Former fat person.
  • Talk show host.
  • All-around nice guy.
  • Flip-flops on how damn high rent is.

Rudy Giuliani:

  • Former Mayor of New York.
  • Didn’t do shit about rent being too damn high.

Ron Paul:

  • Texas Congressman.
  • Father of something called “Rand.”
  • Believes rent is too damn high, but doesn’t think government should interfere.

Sarah Palin:

  • Former Governor of Alaska.
  • Reality television star.
  • Killer of furry things.
  • Pretty lady.
  • Ideal VP for McMillan

So there you have it. Why, oh, why can’t it be 2012 yet?

Rent Is Too Damn High Party founder, now a Republican, has a new slogan [PBS]

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