Libya Deaths May Be at 1,000; New Zealand Earthquake Kills 75; Arizona Bill Would Bar Marriage, School for Illegal Immigrants


Italian Foreign Prime Minister Franco Frattini says the death toll in Libya may be more than 1,000, and that he’s worried the protests will spur “Islamic radicalism.” Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department is working to evacuate U.S. citizens from the country. [NYT, NY1]

A woman was pulled from the rubble of the Christchurch, New Zealand, earthquake after being trapped in her office building for 24 hours. The death toll of the quake is now at 75, with hundreds still missing. [CNN]

An Arizona state senate panel has passed two immigration bills barring illegal immigrants from driving, getting married, or sending their children to school. The bills “would also challenge birthright citizenship for the offspring of undocumented parents.” [Politico]

More than 65 live animals (including a cow) and a dozen dead ones (including rabbits, ducks and birds) were discovered in a Long Island home owned by an 87-year-old woman on Tuesday. [NYDN]

A 27-year-old man was killed in a traffic accident after his car broke down on the Williamsburg Bridge and was hit by a taxi. [NYP]

Traffic lights in Central Park may be problematic. [Gothamist]

Rep. Carolyn Maloney got a blowout. [WS]

Beer will now be classified as alcohol rather than a “foodstuff” in Russia. [Telegraph]

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