In all the years that Bridget Everett has been commanding cabaret stages by stripping down to her undies and singing raunchy love songs accompanied by little more than a bottle of Chardonnay, her mother has never come to Manhattan to see her perform. Imagine that. But everything is about to change when Everett’s mom flies in from the other Manhattan—Kansas—to check out tonight’s show. Everett will be dedicating some new covers to her mom, like Adina Howard’s “Freak Like Me” and Prince’s “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore.” Naturally, she’s not sure how Mom will take it. “I told her I was nervous that she was coming,” says Everett, “and she said, ‘You know I think you’re perfect just the way you are.’ So I’m gonna test her.”

Thu., March 3, 9:30 p.m., 2011

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