Olek Has a New Yarn Bike, and a New Exhibit


Our favorite Lower East Side knitress has struck again. Bowery Boogie reports that Olek, the woman who recently, to our great pleasure, covered the Wall Street Bull (plus bikes, a car, and a human, among other things), has another exhibit, happening now through March 12 at the LZ Space Project at the NY Studio Gallery. It’s called “Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle I,” which is a collaboration with sculptor Devan Harlan in which “real-time 3D and projection mapping to cover surfaces in luminous pattern is merged with the raw physicality of hand made camouflage covering.”

Sounds kind of crazy, and also interesting, much like a yarn bike. Speaking of which, there’s a new one across the street from the exhibit at 154 Stanton. Meanwhile, Olek’s other exhibit, “Knitting is for Pus****,” will go on through the summer at Christopher Henry Gallery.

Olek, any way we can get you to knit a Village Voice box for us? Seriously, that would be awesome.

New Olek Exhibit at NY Studio Gallery [Bowery Boogie]

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