Park Slope Gets Park Slope-iest Trash Cans Ever


Leave it to Park Slope to outdo the rest of us slovenly borough residents, even with regard to trash. According to the Brooklyn Paper, the neighborhood has six fancy new solar-powered self-compacting trashcans, which you can find at Bergen, Union, and 4th Street, not to mention additional “BigBelly” units on 9th and 13th. They cost $3,000, “can hold three to five times more trash than a regular city-issued pail,” and have a special built-in compactor activated by internal sensors. Apparently the cans can even text the sanitation department to complain that they’re full.

Everyone is happy, except, being Park Slope, everyone is actually not happy.

“BigBelly does not eliminate the essential function of the Sanitation Worker, as the BIDs must empty the compactor and leave the bagged litter out for DSNY collection,” said Sanitation spokesman Matt LiPani.

Not to mention, what is the implicit gender identification of these trash cans? Is “BigBelly” offensive to persons struggling with eating disorders? If a self-compacting trashcan self-compacts with no one around to remark upon its self-compacting, is it really self-compacting at all? Can the internal sensors have their nannies work their Food Co-op shifts for them?

These are questions we do not have answers to.

Fifth Avenue gets trash cans straight out of ‘The Jetsons’ [BP]

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