Q&A: How Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator Got His Shoe Back, As Explained By The Guy Who Helped Steal It


So Odd Future mastermind Tyler, the Creator lost his shoe while crowd-surfing during the L.A. rap crew’s raucous show at Santos Party House Wednesday night, and damned if he didn’t want it back. Thankfully, the fans who stole the shoe follow Tyler on Twitter, and soon, via the magic of @s and Direct Messages, Fordham student Tim Askerov and his friend (the actual thief, code-named Louis) were able to work out a deal. Here’s what Askerov had to say about the theft, the negotiation, and the handoff.

Who actually stole the shoe?
My friend Louis was the one that actually took the shoe. He is the one the Village Voice referred to as the “extremely creepy guy.”

How did it happen?
Tyler was crowd-surfing, and both his shoes ended up coming off. Louis felt one under his foot and stuffed it in his pants. I heard he ended up losing his chains, too.

When you realized that Tyler really wanted his shoe, what was your reaction?
When Tyler was asking for it at the show, we sort of booked it out of there. Tyler said something about Tweeting about it, so I decided I was going to take a photo and send it to him. Louis was really paranoid and reluctant to get his photo taken. At first I just Tweeted, “Louis has Tyler’s shoe,” and before I had a chance to really do anything someone had already informed Tyler that I knew where his shoe was. I put up the photos and it went from there. Louis didn’t really want to make anything of it, but I was hoping to meet Tyler or get on Fallon or something. We created this alcoholic drink we call Cream that we have been drinking for about a year and getting people to try, so we devised what we referred to as a “cream scheme” in hopes of Tyler saying something about it, but it didn’t pan out.

Where did you meet up to give him back the shoe?
His manager told us to go to Rockefeller Center, and at first we thought we were going to get to see the show. According to Tyler’s manager, however, security wouldn’t budge, so we just met them on the street outside.

Did you get any swag for returning it?
They seemed to think it was pretty respectable that we returned the shoe, and we got to meet all them and take photos. We got some t-shirts, too.

How did Tyler take it? I saw the picture of all of you — he looked happy to be reunited.
He seemed really pumped we brought it back. We also got him a copy of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey, which he seemed to really appreciate.

What did you think of the Santos’ show? Did you watch their Fallon performance? Were you as terrified as Felicia Day?
The show was great. You can tell they are really getting their stuff together. I saw them at their first New York show at Webster Hall and they really sounded significantly better. Best rap show I’ve been to in a long time. The Fallon performance was sick, too. I was curious to see what song they could possibly perform on national television. Plus the Roots are always so tight. Swag.

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