Teachers Accused of Classroom Sex Sue City


Cindy Mauro and Alini Brito were supposedly spotted having sex at James Madison High School, according to a custodian, but one who Brito’s lawyer says only saw the encounter “while standing 15 feet behind a 300-pound janitor who’d opened the classroom door a crack.” Brito contends that she was just getting candy from her friend because her blood sugar was low. Somehow, it looked like lesbian sex and has devolved into a New York Post-perfect scandal, which the women now argue has ruined their reputations. So they’re suing the Dept. of Education for $2 million, alleging “wrongful termination, libel and slander.” The custodian is on their shit list, according to the women’s lawyer, whose last name is inconveniently Valentine.

Here’s their lawyer, Michael Valentine, on the lewd and imaginative janitor, via the Post:

“He admitted in his hearing testimony that he only saw one person, but speculated there were two women in there having sex,” Valentine said, leading to his clients getting smeared and fired. “When does a fish become a whale?” he said.

Both women had already filed separate actions against the DOE aimed at getting the decision to fire them annulled.

A classroom-centric dirty mind? Well, we never! But it does seem like the writers of the Easy A sequel have had their jobs done for them. Hopefully, if they’re telling the un-sexy truth, these women get paid, twice-over.

Teachers in steamy lesbian romp fire back at city with $2M suit [NYP]

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