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Vatican Adviser Mad at Cuomo for Eating Crackers While Unmarried


Vatican canon law adviser Edward Peters has criticized Governor Andrew Cuomo for receiving Communion. The Daily News reports that because Cuomo has a live-in girlfriend and holds certain political views, Peters said the act of receiving communion at Mass the day after his inauguration was “gravely sacrilegious.” Peters, who was talking to CNSNews, also criticized Bishop Howard Hubbard for administering the Communion and praising Governor Cuomo. You’d think Peters would let this slide, but where does it say anything about forgiveness in the Bible?

Here’s the skinny on all the sins:

Cuomo went to the Mass with his three daughters from his first marriage and his “live-in girlfriend,” Lee, host of the Food Network program Semi-Homemade Cooking With Sandra Lee.

In his sermon, Hubbard praised Cuomo and Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy, who was at the Mass with his wife.

But Peters, a consultant to the Vatican’s highest court, said the bishop was wrong to do so.

Hubbard’s remarks, he said, constituted “a failure in pastoral care,” largely for what he “did not say, than for what he did say.”

Peters must approve of the fact that Sandra Lee’s show is called Semi-Homemade Cooking. It’s only fair that a live-in girlfriend calls the place she lives a “semi-home.”

If Governor Cuomo and his team attempt to hit back at the Vatican, they will have scant luck. Just try to dig up dirt on those guys, they are as clean as it gets.

Unmarried Gov. Cuomo is guilty of sacrilege and should be denied Communion, Vatican adviser says [NYDN]

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