What to Drink at Fatty Johnson’s Tonight: Our Very Own Norman Mailer Cocktail


Each week in The Daily Shot, we have ourselves a drink that we think you should try, too.

The drink: The Norman Mailer

The bar: Fatty Johnson’s, 50 Carmine Street, West Village, 212-929-5050

The price: $13 (probably)

The ingredients: Rye, applejack, amaro, maraschino, and bitters, served up.

The buzz: Here at the Daily Shot, we’re better known for sipping drinks than stirring them. But we also happen to know our way around a barspoon. And tonight, for one night only, we’re going to be on the unhappy side of the bar (not that slinging drinks makes us unhappy — we just mean we won’t be “getting happy,” if you catch our drift) at the pop-up bar Fatty Johnson’s. Our inspiration for our signature cocktail was one of the Voice‘s intrepid founders, and his propensity for stiff drinks and unsweetened repartee. We’re not saying our boozy, bitter cocktail will appeal to everyone — certainly the writings of our muse did not — but if you’re into dark and brooding libations (and deliberations), you might find yourself ordering a second round.

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