At Last! An American Idol Singer Who Can Sing!


No, really.

There’s a finalist from that show, it turns out, who doesn’t just shriek and bop around the stage while making screechy faces.

It’s Melinda Doolittle, who came in third in season six, but who’s a big winner at Feinsteins at the Regency through March 5.

The woman has pipes, energy, and sass.

And on songs that you thought were more overdone than burnt eggs — like “At Last” and “My Funny Valentine” — she can really move and surprise you, turning them into powerful odes to love.

The running patter about the ups and downs of romance might be too much like an act, and a couple of tunes are too adult contemporary, but when she vibrates her vocal chords, Doolittle does a lot!

Afterward, I told Melinda that two guys sitting in front of me started rubbing each other at one point, turned on by her stylings.

I doubt they would have done that for whoever came in second.

Photo by Brian Christopher Cummings

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