Battles Announce Their New Album’s Title, Tracklist, And Release Date


Art/math/science-rockers Battles, one of the best live acts in the business (though attempting to actually dance at one of their shows may cause serious injury), have finally announced the details of the follow-up to 2007’s outstanding, confounding Mirrored, and their first release since the departure of founding member Tyondai Braxton, the closest the band ever got to having a “singer.” Per Warp Records, the newly constituted trio will release Gloss Drop on June 7, featuring guest spots from Gary Numan, Matias Aguayo, Kazu Makino, and Yamantaka Eye, he of Boredoms. Pre-order it here. Not much in terms of tour dates yet, but those’ll follow, certainly. Tracklist below. Better start stretching now.

1. Africastle

2. Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo)

3. Futura

4. Inchworm

5. Wall Street

6. My Machines (Featuring Gary Numan)

7. Dominican Fade

8. Sweetie & Shag (Featuring Kazu Makino)

9. Toddler

10. Rolls Bayce

11. White Electric

12. Sundome (Featuring Yamantaka Eye)

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